Hitler Ways in America?

“Hitlerland.” It’s a detailed account of Americans living in Germany during Hitler’s riser to power. Most of them were journalists or diplomats; a few tourists are included. The sources are their journals, articles, books and diaries. What’s frightening about the (true) story is how many of them refused to see what was right before their eyes. Some of them saw with their own eyes either events or proof of events and still shut their eyes or minds to what was happening. And some who did see what was happening and tried to sound the alarm were considered hysterical by others–including some in our own State Department. (I previously read the book In the Garden of the Beasts which is similar to Hitlerland only it focused on one particular diplomant–America’s ambassador to Germany during part of the 1930s. He tried to sound the alarm to the State Department but was considered an alarmist and mostly ignored.) –



Link to Reading: “Hitlerland”–Can It Happen Here (in America)? – Christian news, FaithfulNews.



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