Principles that must be followed to topple a Dictator…, by George Ayittey


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Ghanaian economist George Ayittey’s energy and hope are apparent from his first words on the "cheetah generation," which he believes will take back Africa from the hands of dictators one nation at a time. He cautions, however, that street protests and brave actions are not enough. In his presentation, he describes three cardinal principles that must be followed to topple a dictator: An Elders Council to unify all opposition forces; "know the enemy" (his modus operandi, strengths and weaknesses) and get the sequence of reform correct. It is not enough to oust a dictator. The dictatorship itself (a system of governance) must be dissembled through a six-step sequence: intellectual reform, political reform, constitutional reform, institutional reform, and economic reform. If parts are omitted or the order is subverted, the results can be dangerous: They will be left in place and the revolution reversed with one dictator replacing another. For example, premature economic liberalization can actually crush a revolution. Ayittey is noticeably exasperated when discussing the West’s "cajoling" of African dictators to reform their abominable administrations. These efforts are met with what he deems "the coconut boogie," a comical dance in which no real change is accomplished. Ayittey demands penetrating reform that addresses every aspect of society, that leaves no cronies in place, that ensures that future elections are fair. He urges us to not settle for anything less. His final stipulation is that reform must come from within a nation. Opposition parties should not be funded by the West, and the African people should make demands for the changes they want to see. Only when this kind of internal reform–sparked by intellectual freedom–is combined with a systematic overhaul of all areas of government can real freedom and democracy be achieved. He lays great stress on the free media, which he believes is the most effective weapon against all dictatorships. For more, see his forthcoming book, Defeating Dictators, to be released in Nov 2011 by Palgrave/MacMillan.
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Link:  YouTube – George Ayittey – Oslo Freedom Forum 2011 (Video)

Link:  George Ayittey (born 1945) is a Ghanaian economist, author and president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington DC…, continue reading at

Link: George Ayittey on Cheetahs vs. Hippos  (Video) at TED Global 2007



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